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  1. Hi Folks,

    Renesme! I also say welcome to you here from my side. It is nice to hear that like me you also feel nice and happy after joining this community. by the way, why you joined this community?
  2. New here

    Thanks for saying welcome to me here.
  3. Hi

    Nice to see you here as a new member of this community. I am happy like me you also a new member of this community. Anyhow, I would like to say welcome to you in this community being a member of this community. By the way, would you like to share something about your hometown here?
  4. New here

    My name is Marish and I am recently join this community. I belong from the USA and this post, is my first post in this community which I post here for my introduction. I am happy being a part of this community and sure that I will enjoy good time with the members of this community. By the way, I really like to make new friends and do conversation with them on various topic and a so about my interest.