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A lot of people have been asking me if i have a source with a free generator but sadly the one i had didn't work that well so i decided to make a new one fully working.

Follow the steps below to successfully install a free generator to your website.


Your website must be connected to a database for this to work. 

If you have any problems along the way just comment and ill be glad to help.


You must have a least some knowledge of uploading files and databases. 

If you dont know anything but you still want to use this please comment or message me 


First download and upload the files to your root directory.

The FreeGenerator.php and the AddFreeGenerator.php files have the basic code, you will need to open these files and copy and paste the code into a file you want to display the admin settings and the front end generator. 



Next upload the provided database

go into your phpMyAdmin then click on the database you are using for your website then click import



Now select "choose file" and select the database provided



Now you need to add the option for people to access the generator to your side bar or what ever you have



to do this go into the files with your options



support.php ect


when you are in find the side bar code or what ever your is and just add the generator with them. 



Like i said you must have some knowledge as its not setup for people who dont know anything about this sort of thing.  Just message me or comment if you are having trouble.


Database Download: 

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Files Download: 

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I may have missed some important things but if i have forgotten to add anything i will update this post straight away, other then that hope you like it and ENJOY. 


If this helped you dont forget to leave a like :) 

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Ive edited the freegenerate.php so its works better.

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